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Once you have found the home of your dreams, you and the seller go to the solicitor to draw up and sign the contract. For this you will need the passport of each person whose name will appear on the deeds. The solicitor will make sure that the title of the property is properly checked; that the person who is selling the property actually owns it; whether there are any charges on the property; where applicable that building licences and permissions are in order; and that the terms and conditions are fair and reasonable to both parties. A translator will be present, who will read the contract to you before you sign and explain what is being said by the solicitor and the seller. You will be given a copy of the contract in both Turkish and English. The solicitor, the owner, the translator and you will all sign the contract.

The contract will contain the payment schedule agreed, plus completion dates if a new build and any other terms and conditions that you and the seller have agreed. At this point you must pay the deposit, usually 10% unless otherwise agreed, plus the Estate Agent's commission (if applicable) and the solicitor's and translator's fees. The solicitor will then arrange to send the title deeds (Tapu) away to the deeds office to have them transferred into your name. The deeds will be sent to Izmir with a photocopy of your passport for a military check. It is best to either bring the deposit with you in cash, or to have made an arrangement with your bank for the immediate transfer of funds prior to coming. Cheques, traveller’s cheques and bankers drafts are not generally acceptable in Turkey. All subsequent payments should be made by electronic bank transfer.

If it is inconvenient for you to come back to Turkey to sign for the release of the deeds when they are returned, a simple power of attorney can be arranged to allow us to collect the Tapu on your behalf. A copy of the deeds will then be sent to you and the original kept in our office until your return.

The final payment of your property is usually made when the deeds have been returned in your name.

Our staff can offer you invaluable help and recommend experts to advise you on legal matters. We always advise our clients never to buy anything until they have sought independent legal advice. The translator will translate from Turkish to English all the legal requirements for purchasing property. They will also prepare your sale agreement in English.

The following information is intended to help you understand the process of buying a house in Turkey and to give you an indication of the obligations of overseas home ownership. Having instructed a solicitor to handle the purchase, you have the reassurance that all important aspects will be covered. He/she will make sure:

  • The title of the property is checked.
  • The person selling the property actually owns it.
  • Whether there are any charges on the property.
  • Where applicable, that building licences and permissions are in order.
  • The terms and conditions stipulated by the seller are checked for fairness.

Once the sale agreement has been drawn up by the solicitor, and the buyer & seller have signed it, the new title deeds will be applied for. This process could take 2 - 3 months.

  • The title deeds will then be transfered into your name, which is signed in the presence of the notary. You can either attend the signing in person or appoint someone as power of attorney to attend on your behalf (which we can do for you).
  • For the fees and taxes to be paid.
  • For the title to be registered with the government land registry. The Notary is a public official who is present to officially certify that the title deeds have been exchanged and understood by the parties concerned. After the signing, the notary witnesses the payment, or an acknowledgment that the payment has been made, and this is incorporated in the title deeds of the property.

Buyers tax : Approximately 1.5% to 3% of the sale agreement price depending on location . Government tax: Approximately £100 - £500 / € 148 - € 740 depending on location. Property tax : Approximately % 0.5 to % 0.6 of property price, paid yearly, depending on type of property and location. Water & electricity connection fee : Between £200-£500 / € 300 - € 730 depending on type of the property and location.

Earthquake Insurance : Depends on property price and location. (required by law)

Viewing trips in Turkey

We offer a viewing package tailored to help you to find the property you want in the area you want. We will assist you to arrange your flight and pick you up, and return you to Bodrum or Izmir airport.

We will arrange Hotel accommodation for you on your behalf using a local 5* Hotel for which we have negotiated special rates.

When you are here and settled we will then collect you from your Hotel and the search begins. If you are not familiar with the resort of Altinkum we will give you a guide around the area and local amenities to establish firstly which location you would like your property to be in.

We have English agents who live in Turkey and will be able to answer the many questions you may have. They are there to help you so don't hesitate to ask as many questions as you like. When an area has been established we will then discuss what property you require and will take you to view as many as you wish. Once you have decided on the property you would like to purchase we can arrange for you to visit a local solicitors to sign contacts and our English agents will be there with you to talk you through the procedure.

But, as we spend time to listen to your needs we feel sure that we should be able to find a property to suit you.

Our services do not end even when the purchasing of your home is complete. Our property management service will give you peace of mind that your property is safe and being looked after, if it is empty or if you choose to rent it out.

We want to give you the peace of mind that when you return you will be able to relax and enjoy your holiday knowing that your home has been looked after.


Once a week one of our maintenance staff will do a complete check of your property. Should we find any problem with your property we will contact you and make sure that it is put right.

Your property will also be aired and lightly cleaned in your absence. This package also includes pool cleaning and a gardening service.


Should you wish to rent out your property the advertising on our web site will be free of charge. There will be a 10% charge on rental.

There will be a cleaning and laundry service done before your guests arrive. All your guests will be picked up from the airport by us for a small charge.


The basic package will include milk, butter, bread, tea, coffee, sugar, so no matter what time you arrive you will have the essentials. If you want extra items give us a list and we will purchase them for you. The cost of this will be billed to you when you arrive.


A car can be arranged for you by us, the cost of this will depend on the size of car you choose.


Our cleaning service includes the cleaning of your property plus the laundering of any bed linen or towels.


This will cost you 250 pounds per year. The price for a villa will be slightly different.


Should you require any repairs, building work or maintenance done to your property we can arrange this work to be done for you by one of our expert team of trades

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