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Godolphin Property is a UK based real estate agency specialising in international property.

We have an extensive database of properties in Bulgaria. Furthermore, if we don't have a property that you require to meet a specific criteria be it industrial or residential just contact us with your requirements and we will find you the right property.

Our reputed lawyers are arranging for our clients all the legalities for the purchase of a property up to the completion of the sale and to receive the necessary papers of ownership in a few days.

Godolphin Property provides individual Property Viewing Trips arranging everything from accommodation to transportation and entertainment. Our representatives will take you and show you properties matching your criteria. You only need to be present in Bulgaria to receive the keys and the Notary Deed of the property prepared to your name or the name of your company at the completion of the purchase

Godolphin Property works in all aspects of property purchasing, in order to provide you with the most reliable and professional services. We offer the following services:

1. Offering residential, commercial and industrial property for sale.

Godolphin Property has a large selection of properties under sale, including: Holiday Villas, Retirement Homes, Houses, Apartments, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Coffee - Shops, Warehouses, Production Facilities. We also have large contacts and are able to offer additional properties matching the buyer's criteria.

2. Arranging sales and completing transactions

Godolphin Property arranges all the paper work and transfers the property on your name and oversees the issue of the Notary Deed of the property. We carry out the sale from the beginning to the end including all the formalities in conducting the sale.

3. Providing legal advice and company registrations

Our team of lawyers provide you with the best advice regarding the legal issues associated with the property purchase and the company registration procedure. They will sort out all of the necessary matters and go through all of the steps in completing the sale. We charge 600 euro to register a limited company for you. Our solictors are completing the company registration with all its paperwork in 10 days! In case you do not come in Bulgaria to sign the necessary papers it would take a bit longer as it requires more time consuming procedures. Contact us to ask any further questions that you might have.

4. After sales care

Godolphin Property provides you with services even after you have purchased your property - transferring and organizing water, electricity, gas bills, council tax and other property related issues. This is done free of charge for you.

5. Property management

Godolphin Property undertakes property management including looking after and taking care of your property while you are away.

6. Viewing trips

Godolphin Property organizes individual viewing trips to see a selection of properties. We are charging 0.20 euro per kilometer, please contact us at for specific details. We will arrange your accommodation as well as everything needed in order to make your stay in Bulgaria as pleasant as possible.

7. Investment opportunity projects

For the businessman and companies looking to invest in Bulgaria, we offer investment projects with good opportunity for returns, but for more specific details please contact us and arrange a suitable time to organize a presentation on the specific projects.

8. Construction and renovations

Godolphin Property carries out all building works, guaranteeing you that the work will be done quickly but efficiently. Our own building team is at your disposal for renovation, modernization, repairs, refurbishing or expanding. Do not hesitate to contact us to advice you accordingly to your needs and requirements.

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